4M Swim 

 May 12, 2021

By  Mark Rauterkus

Screen grab and a suggestion for expanding the logo section.

4M Swim screen grab before the logos get added.

Three existing logo sponsors: Masters, MD & USA S.

4M suggested

Suggested logo additions with ISCA and sponsors.

Code Snips:

ISCA logo with link to home page


<a href="https://SwimISCA.org"><img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?w=210" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?w=210 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?w=420 2x" alt="ISCA Logo - International Swim Coaches Association" width="210" height="240" /></a>

ISCA event with link to save-the-date page

<a href="https://SwimISCA.org/save-the-date/"><img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo02.png?w=210" width="210" height="189" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo02.png?w=210 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo02.png?w=420 2x" alt="" />

Sponsor logo without a link. Links are specific your location. This example is wrong. 

HomeLight logo square clipped

<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?w=210" width="210" height="150" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?w=210 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?w=420 2x" alt="HomeLight logo square clipped" />

Sponsor logo in horizontal format. Links are specific your location. This example is wrong.

HomeLight logo, horizontal, clipped

<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo04.png" width="1600" height="316" alt="HomeLight logo, horizontal, clipped" />

Sponsor ad logo without a link. Links are specific to your site. This is wrong.

Ad logo

<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo5.png" width="134" height="96" alt="Ad logo" />

Sponsor insert icon without a link. Links are specific to your site. This is wrong.


<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo06.png" width="86" height="69" alt="insert-arrow-icon-clipped" />

We understand, this is a bit of work. You can do it!

I'd be willing to help you with the code or do the edits to the page if you wish. We can share a screen and be on a Zoom call or use Google Meet. Just let me know. Or, set me up as an Admin, I'll do the uploads and work with your page, on a back-up. Then you can nuke that account when it is completed. Or, if you want larger or smaller sizes of the images, that's fine too.

When it is done, let me know.

Last step is for us to send you the coupon codes for gratis access as ISCA Members. 

More insights on the fast images server from our CDN.

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