June 14, 2021

By  Mark Rauterkus

Executive Summary:

The SoCal Swimming website has sponsors / partners, but this section can grow with four additional logos and links. 

  • Southern California Swimming,
  • SafeSport,
  • USA Swimming,
  • USA Swimming Foundation

We realize that partners and organizations make the world go round.

ISCA is a nonprofit membership association for the coaches, With the HomeLife sponsorship, we're able to bring 12 coaches or volunteers a rich educational experience with Annual Memberships to ISCA and full access to the Global Library for ISCA Members with 200+ lessons. This makes for a great learning, enrichment, staff-training learning management system.

Annual ISCA memberships are $75 each, for a total value of $900. We can talk about how to leverage these membership coupons. Perhaps everyone on the Age Group Committee, or everyone on D&I, or everyone on the board gets access. Or, put it out in a newsletter and let it be first-come/ first-served.

One new link is to ISCA.

Second link is to HomeLife, a national real estate firm that is underwriting this endeavor. That might be the deal breaker or a way to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

Third link, (optional) could be to an ISCA event page. 

Fourth link, (optional) could be to an offers giving you a way to get additional sponsorship links and logos as new income. An AD, grey icon, is provided. The amount of $200 is suggested, but it can be larger or smaller. This back-end process is established now for you to deploy. In the first sale, income is split 50/50 with ISCA. In the second and all additional sales, you get 75%. 

Key Codes:

  • Website: https://SoCalSwim.org
  • HomeLight link: https://www.homelight.com/los-angeles-ca/sell-house-fast
  • Alt text to HomeLight "Sell your home fast in Los Angeles"
  • Web Income Link (buy now): https://sowl.co/FPLud
  • Web Income Link (product sales page): <a href="https://transactions.sendowl.com/products/78527805/EFFBA523/view" rel="nofollow"><img src="https://transactions.sendowl.com/assets/external/buy-now.png" /></a><script type="text/javascript" src="https://transactions.sendowl.com/assets/sendowl.js" ></script>
  • Web Product Link (with text):
  • Go to this page to redeem the coupon: https://read.swimisca.org/deck-entry-web-wizards/
  • Coupon Code for non charge ISCA annual memberships, pending.
  • Coupon Code for ISCA annual memberships, snipped by webmaster.
  • Date of implementation, June 1, 2021.


Existing site sponsors section:

Existing SoCal swimming logos

Possible suggestions:

suggested change for so cal

Code snips for the webmaster to deploy the images and links.

ISCA logo with link to home page

International Swim Coaches Association logo

<a href="https://SwimISCA.org"><img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?h=175" width="152" height="175" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?h=175 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?h=350 2x" alt="International Swim Coaches Association logo" /></a>

ISCA event with link to save-the-date page

ISCA Meet Logo

<a href="https://SwimISCA.org/save-the-date/"><img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/SummerSenior%20Blast4-21_clipped_rev_1-min.png?h=150" width="198" height="150" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/SummerSenior%20Blast4-21_clipped_rev_1-min.png?h=150 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/SummerSenior%20Blast4-21_clipped_rev_1-min.png?h=300 2x" alt="ISCA Meet Logo" /></a>

Sponsor logo with links specific to SoCal.

HomeLight logo square clipped

<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?h=110" width="153" height="109" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?h=110 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?h=220 2x" alt="Sell your home fast in Los Angeles" />

Sponsor ad logo without a link. Links are specific to your site. This is wrong.

Ad logo

<a href="https://transactions.sendowl.com/products/78527805/EFFBA523/view" rel="nofollow"><img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo5.png" width="134" height="96" alt="Ad logo" /></a><script type="text/javascript" src="https://transactions.sendowl.com/assets/sendowl.js" ></script>

We understand, this is a bit of work. You can do it!

I'd be willing to help you with the code or do the edits to the page if you wish. We can share a screen and be on a Zoom call or use Google Meet. Just let me know. Or, set me up as an Admin, I'll do the uploads and work with your page, on a back-up. Then you can nuke that account when it is completed. Or, if you want larger or smaller sizes of the images, that's fine too.

When it is done, let me know.

Last step is for us to send you the coupon codes for gratis access as ISCA Members. 

More insights on the fast images server from our CDN.

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EPS files

EPS files





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