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 March 19, 2021

By  admin

ISCA logo with link to home page


<a href="https://SwimISCA.org"><img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?w=210" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?w=210 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo01.png?w=420 2x" alt="ISCA Logo - International Swim Coaches Association" width="210" height="240" /></a>

ISCA event with link to save-the-date page

<a href="https://SwimISCA.org/save-the-date/"><img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo02.png?w=210" width="210" height="189" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo02.png?w=210 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo02.png?w=420 2x" alt="" />

Sponsor logo without a link. Links are specific your location. This example is wrong. 

HomeLight logo square clipped

<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?w=210" width="210" height="150" srcset="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?w=210 1x, https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo03.png?w=420 2x" alt="HomeLight logo square clipped" />

Sponsor logo in horizontal format. Links are specific your location. This example is wrong.

HomeLight logo, horizontal, clipped

<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo04.png" width="1600" height="316" alt="HomeLight logo, horizontal, clipped" />

Sponsor ad logo without a link. Links are specific to your site. This is wrong.

Ad logo

<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo5.png" width="134" height="96" alt="Ad logo" />

Sponsor insert icon without a link. Links are specific to your site. This is wrong.


<img src="https://cdn.swimisca.org/allstar/logo06.png" width="86" height="69" alt="insert-arrow-icon-clipped" />

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